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Loved it! I found this game to be very unique and different from most horror games I played. The art looked great and the story had me wanting for more! Hope to see this game finished one day :)

Feel free to watch my play session below!

Thank you!  I'll check the video out ASAP!  (Studying for a midterm right now).  Already liked and subbed.  :)

Haha you're too kind :P. Good luck with the midterm!!

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Thank you!  I look forward to watching the LP!    

Well, since I can't stay away from RPG Maker horror games, I took a crack at your title here.

I will say that it is certainly interesting, raising a lot of questions right off the bat, and there are some deliciously odd encounters. It definitely got me curious as to what is going on altogether.

I am aware you state it is unfinished and you have lost the files, but if I have to give a few pointers:
- A few puzzles are kind of obtuse. The heart and levers, for instance, really lacked a more concise hint. I more or less just luckily bruteforced my way through it. And when it comes to the heart-liver-fingers thing, it feels like you're more or less doomed to mess up at least once since you have no clue there's even a Liver involved anywhere. I don't know who you'd go about making something like that clearer, but it did stick out to me.
- Some tile events are a little off. I spent a good while in the bedroom at first not really knowing how to progress, since I apparently had to check one SPECIFIC tile out of the two the bed filled, and I saw more than once that the character would inspect something he wasn't facing from the particular tile he stood on. Minor things, but noteworthy.

That said, I was bummed to see it end so suddenly when it had gone and gotten me curious. If you ever do plan to remake and finish this, I would certainly like to see where all of this ends up. It was intriguing to be certain.

Hey!  Thanks for playing first and foremost!   Any and all feedback is always an incredibly pleasant surprise :)  This was actually the first game I ever made, and I was learning RPG Maker MV as I went along.  Explains why things, in my opinion, start to gel more and more as you go further.  The heart puzzle sucks, I know this, I just didnt know how to make it what I wanted to make it with the event editor.  My logic was, "increase pressure in arteries, close off valves in veins, hit the artery switch to increase pressure even more so the back-flow blows up the heart".  I think I was more proud of the heart explosion effect, which was slightly an homage to imps being killed by the rocket launcher in Doom.  Searching the apartment is actually satisfied if you find at least 3 event least it should...I haven't gone back and tested in a while and the files are lost.   Going to watch your let's play video soon and I'm very excited!  I love it when people make videos about anything I make, it's very flattering that someone would take the time!

Oh yeah, there are definitely some pretty dumb typos in this.  Not much I can do about it, but have fun laughing at them!